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Hunting & gathering
in the 21st century

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Brick & mortar

21st century retail needs to be less about things and more about offering great experiences
Discover great products in their natural habitats - spaces where they are enjoyed and loved.

hunting & gathering

Musey is an app that allows shoppers to collect and purchase exquisite objects
hidden in plain sight. It is ‘hunting and gathering’ through a seamless mobile experience. 

Discover our makers & their exquisite objects:

Home Furnishings
Designer Accessories
Artisanal Goods
Custom Goods

I am a curator with an  


“I own a coffee shop in downtown San Francisco . As a Musey affiliate, I make additional income by hosting the work of unique makers in my space, which supplements the growing cost of overhead in SF. I  find out about new brands first and receive free samples of the latest products, which enlivens the experience of my customers.” 

I am a maker of

exquisite  objects

“With Musey I have a network of showrooms across the country where I can display and sell my products. I earn margins that are way better than traditional wholesale. Musey helps me track my online sales and data. Through this platform people discover my work in the real world and in person, not just online. I have met new fans of my work from all over.”

i am an 


“I enjoy discovering unique  brands while I go about my daily life. Musey allows me to learn about, purchase, or pocket for later the beautifully designed things that I encounter. My friends and I prefer quality over quantity.”


musey is  a 
context-specific mobile  app 

find objects hidden in plain sight

Musey is currently in San Francisco  
Coming soon in NYC

Our app features  


Geo-location +  discovery




Pocket for later 

Makers and
their exquisite objects

we hand-select brands with
the highest quality products

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our story

a bit about us...

We met as students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. As architects who study well-designed spaces, we found ourselves tediously sourcing products all around us. So we made it our mission to make discovering products in the real world easy and fun for everyone through technology. 

We are a motley crew of hackers, artists and architects who set out to re-design the retail experience from the inside-out. Contextual shopping provides a more satisfying discovery and retail experience. We believe that the makers and stories behind the products we purchase, matter. Our studio is based in the SoMa  district of San Francisco.  Our team is originally from the East Coast and the East-East Coast, but we moved out here to chase our dreams. Drop us a line or follow us. Please click on one or more of the icons below.